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We are inviting schools, colleges and community groups that work with young people to take part in The World Reimagined as part of your commitment to racial justice.

Created with artists, teachers and educationalists, our Learning Programme is an experiential and transformative journey for students, teachers and schools.

It’s important that The World Reimagined Learning Programme builds both the knowledge and skills that underpin racial justice, which empower us to overcome our divisions; reject hatred for compassion; move from despair to hope and take actions that make racial justice a reality in our society.

Each part of the programme will focus on developing one or more of the 5 Cs:

  • Compassion I am able to put myself in someone else’s shoes
  • Curiosity I seek additional knowledge through asking thoughtful questions
  • Courage I step bravely into issues that are difficult to understand and hard to discuss
  • Connection I can draw the threads between the history I learn and today’s reality
  • Critical Thinking I use logic to connect the dots. I’m unafraid of reason and challenge
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