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Meet who makes us, MADE: Binish

Meet Creative Influencer, Binish, 16

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What’s your role at MADE?
I’m a creative influencer, being creative and artistic and helping with the community.

When did you start working with MADE?
That was before covid so like 3 years now.

Tell us a bit about your journey into arts and culture?
I’ve always been obsessed with imagination books, reading and bringing things to life, and I found the magic in that, the further I got into MADE and the more things I did with MADE made my creative spark shone brighter.

Do you consider yourself and artist person? In what ways?
In anyway shape or form, mostly like drawing and stuff, it can be expressed anyway. Andy stuff like reading, drawing, painting, digital art,creative writing digital art.

How does it connect to your role at MADE?
I’d say I have the leadership skills, I represent what MADE stands for, I’m a young person, I work within the community and help engage more.

Why did you chose to work within an arts and culture organisation?
I chose to be part of it because I wanted it. Every opportunity you get, grasp it with both hands because you never know how much of an impact it can have on you, and that’s why I applied.

What was in the application process?
I had an interview.

What do you enjoy most in your role?
Having the opportunity to express myself and share that with others while working with others. Others being the new people and the friends I’ve made while being in MADE.

What’s the most interesting project or work you’ve done so far?
One of them was recently, the Manchester cultural festival, we painted flags and stuff on t shirts — yeah Manchester day

What kind of things did you paint?
I think what Manchester stands for, powerful quotes and things.

What’s the most challenging project or work you’ve done so far?
I think it was during covid times when we had to do it over Zoom, it was hard to interact we really wanted to be together and actually do things by hand.

MADE is a cultural education partnership. What’s one the most important things about a ‘cultural education partnership’ from your perspective / in your opinion?
It’s having an open mindset and being exposed to everything, educating yourself.

People often think MADE stands for something or is another arts and culture acronym — it isn’t, but if it was an acronym what do you think it could stand for?
Making Adventurous Dreams (for) Education

Proudest moment so far if you have one?
Just me having a journey and learning from my own self and becoming more confident, for me putting myself our there do more things

What were you like when you started made?
I wasn’t as confident as I learnt more over the years I started becoming more confident.

What does the future look like for you?
As long as I keep working an engaging myself with those groups, I’ll have more opportunities in the future

If you could describe the creative influencers in one or maximum 2 words.
“Out There”

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