Fairy Tales On Tour

Z-Arts are super excited to bring you a NEW venture… Fairy Tales on Tour for schools!

November 9, 2023
November 12, 2023

We are sending our ‘Story Investigators’ out to schools to deliver part performance, part creative workshop!  

A playful way to encourage children to interact with books, stories and creative writing for KS1 and KS2.

Our Story Investigators will be inspecting your pupils on their creativity, imaginations, silliness and fun!

  • Are they reading enough?  
  • Are books still important to them?  
  • Are they spending too much time on screens?  
  • What’s happened to good old make believe?!  

Our performer facilitators will go on a journey with your class in school. The children will undertake some rigorous creative testing. The Story Investigators will measure children with the Z-arts ‘Magic tape measure’, put their ideas into the ‘Storyometer’ and give out creative challenges and prizes.  

The first part of the session will be a performance element, delivered by 2 performers hosting a large group of up to 60 or 90 children in an assembly format. Then our practitioners will breakout, split and deliver creative workshops with each class.  The idea is that the Story Investigators will only leave once after the session is finished and they are satisfied that those children have the magic of stories within them!

The sessions will:  

  • Get children to think about positively about stories and encourage enjoyment of reading.
  • Can be adapted to KS1 and KS2 learners.
  • Make literacy fun and imaginatively make stories come to life.
  • Inspire children to read more stories through listening to storytelling and taking part in drama activities.  
  • Build on relationships through interactive play.  
  • Utilise and practice their speaking & listening skills during the workshop.  
  • Boost their confidence from speaking in front of others.  
  • Encourage a sense of being proud from taking part.  
  • Be a positive experience so that children leave feeling good about themselves, the world and other people – how can we work together and learn from each other.  

Other reasons to take part:

  • Saving money on transport – we come out to you so no costly coach fees.  
  • Saving time on travelling to venue – the project can be delivered in a half day so precious time can be spent learning around the sessions.

For more information, costs or to book get in touch with Gilly at Z-arts on gilly@z-arts.org

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